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Architectural Videos: Using Filmmaking to Tell a Better Story of Your Projects

Last week, I featured some of the photos of the Northern Lakeside Home. From the photos, you probably have a pretty good idea as to what the space looks like. Maybe even how it might feel to be in the home? That is one of the main goals I have when it comes to interiors and architecture photography… to document the space in a way that makes the viewer want to step inside.

Architectural photography can be somewhat limiting the viewer’s experience, however. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing… to leave the viewer wanting more, but what if there was a way to give them a way to experience your design in a different way? This is where architectural films (or architectural videos… if you prefer to not sound as pretentious) comes into play.

Here is a short video I made of the main living area of the Northern Lakeside Home to give you a sense of how video can pull you into a space a little further than photos alone.

Here is another example of a short film for All Seasons Fireplace where the architect and homeowner discuss the design and thought process behind choosing the fireplace and how that decision helped inform the design of the home.

Here is one more example for All Seasons Fireplace. In this video, we wanted to simply create a story that shows how the homeowners utilize their Focus Fireplace during the quiet moments of the day. Those moments when the kids are off to school, your spouse is off to work, and you have some time to yourself to simply relax. Could we tell this story through photos alone? Yes! And we did! We will share those next week 😉

Making a video is nothing new, but it isn’t a widely used medium in Minnesota, so in 2021 and beyond, I will be encouraging people to consider using this as a way to document their projects. In a perfect world, we set aside an entire day just for video alone (typically the following day), and the cost is less than a photo shoot. If video is something that you are interested in, let’s talk.

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