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Commercial Architecture Photography and Video in Nashville, TN

I was recently commissioned by Capgemini to produce commercial architecture photography and video in their Nashville, TN office which just opened in 2022. Designed by Gensler and constructed by Flow Construction, this beautiful office location graces the 10th floor of the Broadwest office towers.

The goal of this shoot was to photograph 13 key elements of the new design which promotes a flexible working environment and allows employees of all positions to cross-pollinate ideas for growth.

The minute you walk off the elevators, you are greeted with a beautiful elevator lobby looking straight toward panoramic views of downtown Nashville

Nashville architectural photographer
Elevator lobby overlooking downtown Nashville

Unlike most corporate offices where you walk in and are immediately greeted by a receptionist behind a desk, the reception desk is across the room which gives a more welcoming vibe.

Commercial Architecture Photographer in Nashville
A corporate office reception area in Downtown Nashville
Nashville architectural photographer
A corporate office reception area looking toward conference room and workspaces

On the other side of this beautifully designed wood slat wall is the lounge area with an amazing kitchenette and more panoramic views of downtown Nashville.

Corporate office photographer Nashville
Intricately designed wood slat wall
Commercial office photographer Nashville
Modern corporate lounge and kitchenette

The workspaces and conference rooms throughout the entire office were designed to be open and collaborative. As you can see in this corner meeting room, it is an open space without doors – but with curtains to help with sound dampening and a little privacy if needed.

Commercial architectural photographer Nashville
Modern corporate workspace
Nashville commercial architecture photographer
Large corporate office meeting room
Corporate architectural photographer
Large meeting space with digital screen

All of the workstations were intentionally designed to be unassigned and flexible. Employees are free to work around the entire perimeter of the office and enjoy the 360-degree views of downtown Nashville.

Commercial architectural photographer Nashville
Cubicles with 360-degree views of downtown Nashville

One thing I am excited to start offering my clients is animated Gif’s (not Jif’s ;). Sometimes a full video isn’t necessary, but to see how a room or an object works, this is a great solution!

Nashville Architecture Photographer
Nashville Architecture Photographer

Another need for this project was to create a corporate office video (in an architectural video style) that would help explain the thought process behind the new space and working for Capgemini as a whole from the perspective of their employees and executives.

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