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Real Estate and Architectural Photography Workshops

I am very excited to announce that beginning September 25th, 2022, I will be hosting real estate and architectural photography workshops throughout the country – starting in Chicago! Watch the video below or read on!

These hands-on workshops are designed to show my personal workflow and thought process as it relates to both real estate and architectural photography. Here is the schedule for the next few workshops. I will announce dates for next years workshops in the coming months:

Chicago – Sept 25th, 26th
Minneapolis – September 28th, 29th
Toledo – October 2nd, 3rd
Nashville – October 8th, 9th
Asheville – October 15th, 16th (Just in time to see the fall colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway!)
Las Vegas – November 8th (w/ Steven J. Magner)
Atlanta – December 10th, 11th

Los Angeles – January (w/ Adam Taylor)
San Fransisco – January (w/ Steven J. Magner) + (w/ Nick Swartzendruber/Drone Cowboys)
Austin – February
Phoenix – February
Seattle – March
New York City – April (w/ Brian Berkowitz)
Washington, D.C. – April
Boston – April

More to come! If you don’t see a city close to you, be sure to let me know here.

The Minnesota workshop will be filmed, edited, and accompanied by additional commentary and post-production. The workshop videos will be free for in-person attendees and available for purchase for those not in attendance.

What Will We Be Covering?
• Scouting & Planning
• Natural & Supplemental Lighting
• Storytelling and Working with Models
• Post-Production
• Business Practices
• Pricing and Marketing

Most workshops will be broken up into 2 days and will follow the same basic format. You can pick both days or just one of the two depending on your interest.

Day 1 – Real Estate Photography & Video 
• Scouting & Prep (1 hr)
• Shooting & Staging Demo (2.5 hrs)
• Hands-On (2.5 hrs)
• Dinner + Business QA (2 hrs)
• Post-Production (virtual)

Day 2 – Architectural Photography 
• Scouting & Prep (1 hr)
• Shooting & Staging Demo (2.5 hrs)
• Hands-On (2.5 hrs)
• Dinner + Business QA (2 hrs)
• Post-Production (virtual)

I am very excited to start offering this as an option to my fellow photographers!

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