I am an American architectural photographer and filmmaker documenting commercial and residential spaces throughout the country.  While I currently have offices in both Nashville, TN, and Asheville, NC, my business and workflow were intentionally designed to easily travel to anywhere my clients projects are located.

The spaces I am typically photographing are contemporary homes for designers and architects, and well-designed civic, corporate, and hospitality spaces for developers, commercial interior design, and architectural firms.

My photography has a strong focus on storytelling; capturing the atmosphere and intentions of the architect or designer of the spaces I work in. I do this through a combination of thoughtful planning, intentional lighting, and having a genuine interest in the environment that I am documenting.

People work with me not just because of the images I make, but because I make working together simple and collaborative. Whether you have a project coming up or you are just wanting to establish a relationship with a new photographer, let’s schedule a call to connect.