Jordan Powers

I am an architectural photographer and filmmaker documenting commercial and residential spaces throughout the country. 

My primary service areas are the Greenville, SC / Charlotte, NC. / Asheville, NC region, but I also serve Nashville, TN as well as everywhere else throughout the south.

My business and workflow are intentionally designed to easily travel anywhere in the country. In 2023 alone, I photographed projects in 8 states and 19 cities without my clients seeing any significant cost increases.

I typically photograph commercial architecture such as corporate, civic, and hospitality, as well as contemporary homes for architects, developers, and interior designers.

My photography has a strong focus on storytelling; capturing the atmosphere and intentions of the architect or designer of the spaces I work in. I do this through a combination of thoughtful planning, intentional lighting, and having a genuine interest in the environment that I am documenting.

Architectural Photography Q&A

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive regarding architectural photography.
If there is a question that you do not see an answer to, please be sure to let me know!

Most interior and architectural photography projects will range from $2000 – $4500 with cost-sharing.

Corporate projects or those that require video, significantly more logistical planning, additional and/or exclusive licensing, etc. may increase the price. For perspective, I have photographed projects ranging from $1,500 (basic, partial day shoot with boilerplate licensing) to $20,000+ (multi-day, additional licensing, etc.)

In other words, I need some details before I can give a straight answer to this. Please fill out the questionnaire on my contact page.

Also, there are two routes we can go…

We can either do a “signature shoot” which is a more hands-off approach where you give me access and I shoot as much during the time that I have. Afterward, you select which images you would prefer to license.

The other option is a more “produced shoot” where we only focus on the “hero” shots. You are present at the shoot, helping direct, stage, etc. With this approach, I will charge for every image we photograph… no “just in case” or “handheld / detail” shots.

Why fly me into your city when you could simply hire a local photographer? If you gravitate toward my work as well as a hassle-free approach to working with a photographer, this is the reason.

While I am typically hovering between Greenville, SC / Asheville, NC / Charlotte, NC and Nashville, TN, I live a minimalist, location-independent lifestyle. My workflow is intentionally designed to accommodate my clients’ needs by traveling where their projects are located while not significantly increasing costs.

Being centrally located allows me to easily travel to locations across the country where my clients’ projects are located. I am a frequent flyer, live 15 minutes from the airport, and enjoy traveling for work, and have clients with projects throughout the country so I am available wherever you might need me.

In 2023 alone, I photographed architecture in 8 different states and 19 cities including Los Angeles, New York, Minnesota, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Day rate and creative fee are essentially the same thing… except I prefer the term “creative fee” because it reflects the skills and resources that I have developed and acquired to complete your project, but doesn’t put a time stamp on it.

For example, if the conditions are right and we can complete 15 photos in a matter of 4 hours, there isn’t a reason for me to keep you and everyone else at the shoot all day. On the other hand, if the shoot requires morning and evening images, I may be there an entire day. The rate doesn’t necessarily change depending on the amount of time I am spending in a day, but depending on the complexity and logistics of a shoot, it could fluctuate – ie. if a shoot requires more than one day, or if travel is involved, the creative fee may increase. 

Please review my portfolio and get a sense of what my work looks like before you hire me. My work looks the way it does because I am inspired by the environments that I am in and respond to that with my camera.

While I am always open to ideas and suggestions and will often implement those, generally speaking, the personal preferences of individuals who aren’t photographers can interfere with the creative process. My ask of you should we work together is to share your thoughts and suggestions… but ultimately I need my clients to trust me.

I do have an option that includes a more “produced” experience where the client has some creative direction and we work on a curated shot list, but this option can be a slower and often more costly experience.

We can book photoshoots fairly quickly, but please note that I do require a 50% retainer as well as a signed agreement before any pre-production or planning begins. As long as you are prepared to provide those things, we can schedule an architectural photography shoot as early as a few days.

That said, in a perfect world, we would have plenty of notice for planning and logistics.