While architectural photography is critical for every project, photos limit an architect or interior designer’s ability to communicate their vision to only two dimensions. Using sound and motion thoughtfully to create stories allows us to fully convey your vision to the world.


Architecture – Gensler
Construction – Flow
Client – Gapgemini

Filmed in December 2022, the new corporate offices of Capgemini at Broadwest in downtown Nashville. I was commissioned by the company to produce photos and video of the new office which features an executive and employees talking about the new space.

Architecture – Gresham Smith
Client – Alliance Bernstein

As one of downtown Nashville’s most recently completed buildings, I took extra care to make sure to show how Alliance Bernstein’s new HQ blends into the ever-evolving skyline. One of the design elements that stood out to me about this project was the technology throughout – specifically the automation of the blinds. They react to the sun so as the day progresses, they will adjust automatically so I made this also a repeating theme throughout this video.


Interior Design – Mary Wyar of Merrily Modern

I recently had the pleasure of creating an interior design video interviewing my friend Mary Wyar of Merrily Modern about her bright and colorful modern kitchen design and renovation that took place over the last 11 months. In this short video, Mary discusses some of the details about her kitchen – a subject that has helped her amass a following of over 14,000 people on Instagram.


Architecture – Craftwell Architects
Interior Design – Renae Keller Interior Design
Builder – Zetah Construction

Architectural films aren’t always about documenting every room in a home. This film, for example, is all about the morning light. We wanted to concentrate on the way the light danced throughout the main living area on an autumn morning.


This was made for a private residence as a keepsake for the homeowners who were going to be relocating. They were also able to use it to help sell their home.


Architect: Stephen Cook
Client: All Seasons Fireplace

Sometimes you just want to plainly communicate your vision on-camera. In this film, the Architect explains how he was able to effectively turn 2 fireplaces into 4 fireplaces in 4 different living areas and talks through the design process.