Commercial Architectural Photography

We all see the movies that show stale, fluorescent tube-lit spaces. my GOAL is to DISCOVER and document the life and energy OF WELL-DESIGNED AMERICAN WORKPLACES using a combination of careful planning and dramatic lighting.


Below are a list of cities and regions that I currently (and tentatively) have projects scheduled for through 2024.
Locations that are TBD are destinations I am currently seeking projects for, so if you have a project in any of these cities or anywhere else in the country, let’s talk!


South / Southeast

  • Nashville, TN (Ongoing)

  • Asheville, NC (Ongoing)

  • Charlotte, NC (Ongoing)

  • Dallas, TX (April, July 2023)

  • Charleston, SC (May, July 2023)

  • Savannah, GA (July 2023)


West / West Coast

  • Seattle, Washington (October 2023)
  • Los Angeles, CA (March, August 2023)
  • San Fransisco, CA (TBD)
  • Arizona (TBD)
  • Utah (TBD)

Midwest / East Coast

  • Brooklyn, NY (April 2023)
  • Minneapolis, MN (Fall 2023)
  • Boston, MA (TBD)
  • Toledo, OH (March, July 2023)
  • Chicago, IL (TBD)
  • Washington, D.C. (TBD)