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Scouting Commercial Architecture During Covid

The only word that comes to mind when I go back to the first couple weeks of things shutting down due to Covid is “bizarre”. Like many others, it had me strongly contemplating a career shift, but not in a completely different field. Prior to Covid, I had considered myself primarily a residential interiors and architectural photographer. Although I had photographed many commercial projects before, I didn’t really show any of it on my portfolio.

As I was driving around my town during lockdown, I started noticing these buildings in a different light as they sat empty. They suddenly became more interesting to me. Maybe it was simply because there were no cars in the parking lots which made it easy to grab a few shots. These empty buildings gave me incentive that I needed to start a personal project… well, actually to continue a personal project that I had actually started years ago. I just wanted to photograph all of the buildings that I found interesting in my city.

Over the course of about 2-3 weeks, I went out several times per week scouting and just looking for the best light at some of these buildings. I would visit each one 4-5 times until I thought the best light was hitting. One of the images I had posted to Instagram and talked with the stone manufacturer (Vetter Stone) about shooting the completed project. This led to my first official shoot with Vetter Stone, iSpace Environments, as well as Mankato-based architecture firm ISG. Since then, I have established a great working relationship with Vetter Stone and have started to slowly build up my commercial portfolio.

If you are finding yourself in a rut, sometimes the best solution is to just get out there and explore. You never know where it might lead.

Architectural photograph of Eide Bailly Tower in Downtown Mankato, MN

Ostrander-Student Memorial Bell Tower at MSU in Mankato, MN

University Dining Center at MSU Mankato

Architecture photograph of the University Dining Center in Mankato, MN MSU

Architectural photograph of Profinium Tower in downtown Mankato, MN

Mankato Public Safety Center by ISG featuring Vetter Stone

PrairieCare building by DeMars Construction in Mankato, MN

Quaint downtown original architecture from the 1800's in downtown Mankato Minnesota

Architectural photograph of Mankato Clinic north Mankato Facility

Centennial Student Union at MSU Mankato

Pioneer Bank building in Mankato, MN by ISG featuring Vetter Stone facade

Commercial Architecture in Southern Minnesota


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