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As an architectural photographer, I have the habit of only featuring the “pretty” stuff that I think should be in my portfolio of “best work”. Admittedly, by doing this, a lot of my work does not see the light of day. In fact, the SUBJECT of a lot of my work doesn’t see the light of day. These subjects are the places that make our society run. Sometimes they are the things that often go unnoticed. Occasionally, it is documenting the framing of a structure as it is being put together. I am talking about industrial photography – which, to me, is absolutely fascinating.

I often know nothing about the subject matter, but I am mesmerized when I stop and study it. The amount of thought that goes into the design and the years of planning that take place are humbling when you think of the minds that put them together… they will never get the praise from the public that a facade will.

The bridges we drive over, the awnings that we walk under, the hidden and often ignored things that bring order to society… these subjects may not be the “prettiest” structures in the world to the average person, but they are the most important. Here are a few of my favorites that I photographed over the years.

Aerial view looking straight down on solar panels line the roof of a large storage facility in Minnesota.
Solar panel array.
Aerial view of a construction site for a truck stop in the early morning hours.
Construction progress photos.
Structural details of the Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles.
Sofi Stadium details. Los Angeles.
Commercial agriculture images showing a farm late in the day. Hay bails line the foreground and out buildings in the background.
Film photo of a commercial farm in rural Minnesota.
Structural details of a pedestrian bridge and curved awning leading into the new airport terminal at Nashville International Airport.
Industrial equipment is stored neatly underneath an elevated employee room which is accessible by a steel staircase with yellow railing.
A worker unloads fabric from a commercial dryer and places them on a conveyor belt which is in the foreground.
Commercial laundromat. Note the humidity in this room visible in the hazy lights.
Architectural details of the underside of an awning capturing polycarbonate material used to create the roof.
Details of polycarbonate material used to manufacture this roof.
A construction crane lifts steel beams as workers carefully place them into the foundation of a residential construction site at the top of a mountain.
Construction crane loading steel beam in this mountain home.
Exterior view of a mechanical room addition of a veterans hospital in Nashville.
Exterior view of a mechanical room addition on VA Hospital in Nashville.
Industrial pipes and equipment in a new mechanical room of a hospital.
Wide-angle view of an operating room in which a state-of-the-art led light panel lines the ceiling.
A coolant system for a hockey arena. Massive white, black, red, and green pipes snake through a large room.
A large cooling tower sits outside of a hockey arena.
A large cooling tower sits outside of F&M Arena in Clarksville, TN.

Pricing for Industrial Photography
As of February 2024 (subject to change).

If you have a specific shot list in mind, my base rate is $2000 plus $100 per image.

Alternatively, I offer the following 3 options:
For smaller projects that only require a couple of images, I offer a per-image rate of $300 per image.
For larger projects that don’t have a specific shot list and I am given free rein, I offer a flat rate of $5000 per day which includes between 20-40 images.
For progress photos, I offer a rate of $500 per session if also hired for a completed project.
Travel is not included.

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