If you are seeing this page, we have made an introduction and there may be some interest in working together in the future. Please review the information on this page and reach out with any questions.
Keep in mind that every project is different, and I do not have a cookie-cutter approach to this. These rates are general guidelines for how to anticipate my pricing.

I thrive and create my best work using a hassle-free, flat rate. This allows me the flexibility to shoot as many images as we need to get the job done properly while giving you the flexibility to select the final images you want to be retouched that you feel best represent your projects.

This fee will vary based on project needs, but to give you an idea of what your project may cost, it is based on the following rates:

CREATIVE FEE Starting at 1500/day
This component reflects the time, skill and resources it takes to complete a
project. Depending on the complexity of a shoot, I can photograph up to 15
photos on a full day of shooting. This fee covers up to an 8-hr day, so travel and
logistical factors may increase this rate.

An extensive editing process is completed on the selected images to make them perfect. This also includes the storage, backup, culling, digital delivery, archiving of the final images, and usage license for all photos.

I will develop and create a short film about your project. This process typically
requires a separate day of shooting, though some footage may be gathered on shoot day.

We will do a brief walkthrough on the shoot day (no charge), however, it is beneficial
to do this prior to the shoot day to make things run efficiently and help us to narrow down the shot list we will be working off of.

For smaller projects where a full shoot is not required, we can work on a per-photo basis with a 3-photo minimum. Travel fees may apply.
*Please note that these rates are good for any shoots booked in 2022. Rates may increase without notice in 2023.

All images include a boilerplate set of standard licensing rights (Editorial, Trade Show Display, Corporate Brochures, Website, Social Media, Professional Competitions, Trade Magazines, and Wall Display) for each licensee.

Time spent traveling to and from locations is time I am foregoing to complete your project. Any total travel time exceeding 3 hours outside of Nashville, TN or Asheville, NC may require travel expenses and will be reasonably priced and estimated in advance. Expenses may include, lodging, flights, rental cars and meals.

It is advantageous to consider other parties who might like to use the photos of your project: the owner, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, manufacturers of products or materials, etc. A 30% licensing fee is added for all parties who agree to cost-sharing prior to the shoot, and the total fee is divided equally among all parties. This results in significant savings for each client:

Typical Project Example: (10 image shot list)
• Creative Fee: 1500
• Post Production: 1000 (100/photo)
Total: 2500


Typical Project Example (2 parties):
• Total Shoot Fee: 2500
• Additional Party Licensing (1): 750
• Subtotal: 3250/2
Total: 1625/ea
*Savings of 875 per party

Typical Project Example (4 parties):
• Total Shoot Fee: 2500
• Additional Party Licensing (3):
• 2250 Subtotal: 4750/4
Total: 1188/ea
*Savings of 1312 per party

*NOTE: Should a third party that was not part of the cost-sharing agreement want to use an image after the shoot, each image will need to be licensed separately through me for no less than $350 per photo depending on the usage needs.

If you have worked with architectural photographers before, my process is likely familiar to you. It is broken down into 3-steps, which I have outlined here so that you can get a good sense of what the experience of working together will be like.

1) PRE-PRODUCTION: This step includes all of the logistical planning required before the actual shoot date. Pre-shoot phone conversations, advanced scouts (if applicable), creating a contact sheet, contingency planning and addressing any logistical concerns, etc. Anything and everything we can do to make the shoot day go smoothly and efficiently will be handled during this step. During this time, I will also send the terms which must be agreed to prior to shoot, as well as an invoice for 50% retainer payment.

2) SHOOT DAY: After arriving to the location, meet and greet, walkthrough, and getting settled in and setup, the shoot will begin. We will spend anywhere from 15-60 minutes on each shot moving furniture, decor, blocking and adding light where needed, etc. While I do utilize supplemental lighting, my shooting style gravitates more toward an ambient/natural light shoot so, when applicable, we will be shooting in an order that is pre-planned according to where the sun will be throughout the day.

3) POST-PRODUCTION: This is where the entire pre-production and shoot day process culminate into the final images. After reviewing proofs from shoot day and making final selections, photo processing begins. This typically includes color corrections, contrast and exposure adjustments and retouching distractions and advanced Photoshop techniques to create the ambient look I am known for. Because it is common for the post- production part of an image to take as long, or longer, than the shooting process, I require no less than 7 business days to complete this process.