As a traveling architectural photographer, I thrive and create my best work using a hassle-free, flat rate. This allows me the flexibility to shoot as many images as we need to get the job done properly while giving you the flexibility to select the final images you want to be retouched that you feel best represent your project.

While my preference is to work on a flat rate, I am flexible and have other pricing options that are based on a creative fee+per-image rate, or just a simple per-image rate for smaller projects.

It is advantageous to consider other parties who might like to use the photos of your project: the owner, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, manufacturers of products or materials, etc.

A 30% licensing fee is added for all parties who agree to cost-sharing prior to the shoot, and the total fee is divided equally among all parties. This results in significant savings for each client. Here is an example of what a typical project could look like (please do not read this as what your project will cost. Every project is completely different and rates are not necessarily reflective of the rate for your project): 

Project Example (10 photos)
• Creative Fee: 1500
• Post Production: 1500 (150/photo)
  Total: 3000


Cost-Sharing Example (2 parties)
• Total Shoot Fee: 3000
• Additional Party Licensing (1): 900
  Subtotal: 3900/2
  Total: 1950/ea (Savings of 1050 per party!)

Cost-Sharing Example (4 parties) 
• Total Shoot Fee: 3000
• Additional Party Licensing (3): 2700
  Subtotal: 5700/4
  Total: 1425/ea (Savings of 1575 per party!)

*NOTE: Should a third party that was not part of the cost-sharing agreement want to use an image after the shoot, each image will need to be licensed separately through me for no less than $350 per photo depending on the usage needs. The reason for this is that any entities who want to license photos after the shoot already know what they are getting. The hiring parties are assuming all of the “risk” in not knowing the final outcome of the images and are receiving the best rate.

This component reflects the time, skill and resources it takes to complete a project. Depending on the complexity of a shoot, I can photograph 15 photos on a full day of shooting.

If the conditions are right and we can complete 15 photos in a matter of 4 hours, there isn’t a reason for me to keep you and everyone else at the shoot there all day. On the other hand, if the shoot requires morning and evening images, I may be there an entire day. The rate doesn’t change depending on the amount of time I am spending in a day.

If a shoot requires more than one day, or if travel is involved, the creative fee will increase. 

While my office is physically located in Nashville, TN, and I bounce between there and Asheville, NC regularly. I live a location-independent lifestyle and my workflow is designed for travel. Being centrally located allows me to easily travel to locations across the country where my clients’ projects are located. I am a frequent flyer, enjoy traveling for work, and have clients throughout the country so I am available wherever you might need me. 

I work with an experienced assistant on all shoots when applicable. Depending on the scope of the shoot, this may be a separate line item or may be built into the total. 

I just really enjoy photographing the built environment, it doesn’t matter who the client is. That said, I am not a run-and-gun real estate photographer. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option that is fast and cheap, I am happy to refer you to another company. I photograph higher-end/luxury real estate as well as VRBO and AirBNB listings the way I photograph architecture. You can schedule and order a photoshoot HERE. I will photograph real estate anywhere in the country, but please note that if your shoot is not in the greater Nashville, TN or Asheville, NC area – travel fees will apply and you will be quoted after submission.

We can book photoshoots fairly quickly provided we have a 1-2 week window minimum for planning. It is ideal to have time to scout a location and get all of the details properly arranged so that we don’t run into any logistical issues on shoot day.

Depending on the size of the shoot, photos can be delivered as early as 7 business days. For larger projects, I always suggest planning on a 2-week turnaround and do my best to surprise you with an early delivery.

Please review my portfolio and get a sense of what my work looks like before you hire me. My work looks the way it does because I am inspired by the environments that I am in and respond to that with my camera.

While I am always open to ideas and suggestions and will often implement those, generally speaking, the personal preferences of individuals who aren’t photographers can interfere with the creative process. If you are looking for a photographer that will shoot something to your specific preferences, I may not be the right fit for you.