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Honeymoon: Laguna Beach

So I know this should be a daily blog, but I needed a break this week to play catch up from vacation.  Should hopefully be back in the swing of things by Monday.  In the meantime, here is a photo I took while Amber and I were in Laguna Beach during our honeymoon.  That isn’t us on the rocks, just some random couple.  While I love this picture, I would have never taken it if I could go back… I would have left my camera in the car.  I spent too much time trying to get this shot, when in retrospect… it should have been Amber and I sitting there watching the moon and the ocean.  This photo reminds me that I need to appreciate what is in front of me – WITHOUT the camera sometimes.  I need to look at this more often.

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Love is greater…


This is my good friend Josh White.  I met Josh over a year ago as he was getting his business up and running.  There is a small group of local photographers who get together and talk shop every few months and this photo was taken on one of those nights when we were trying to come up with a gang sign for Josh’s wedding and portrait business Love is Greater.  Anyway, I consider Josh to be a good friend. Its one of those not too close, but reliable, support system kind of friendships.  He moved to New Mexico shortly after we moved to Minnesota, but we keep in contact often and follow each others work regularly.  Josh is extremely witty and entertaining, but more so inspiring.  I’ve watched his business grow and watched his life happen through social networking over the last year and its like reading a good, never ending Donald Miller book.
If for whatever reason you are inspired or entertained by my blog, I would highly suggest checking his out at

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Joshua - man. that guy is a dork!

seriously though, you rock… i’m humbled by this post and by your friendship!

Jordan - he is a dork. 🙂

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