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Generating Pesos

When Amber and I were in Ensenada, Mexico we stopped into a bar called Papas & Beer.  It looked like a pretty rough place, but the staff was friendly enough.  It was somewhat early in the day and nobody else was there.  The couples we met along the cruise were along with us.  This guy kind of popped out of nowhere with a sketchbook asking to draw Amber.   I have to admit, I was staring at this guy, and he had this really cool demeanor that for one reason or another made me thing that for sure this portrait would be awesome.   Eh, it was just ok.  We tossed him some money anyway and felt good about helping him out.

He didn’t speak English, but if he did, I would have liked to hear some of the stories he has.  There is so much emotion in his eyes that I couldn’t tell if it was or confidence or sorrow.  It definitely wasn’t happiness, but maybe he was perfectly content and just deep in thought.   It was crazy how many vendors there were all over the place getting in your face trying to make a buck or two.  This guy just kind of strolled in like he owned the place and sat down in this chair and gestured for one of the ladies we were with to come over and held up his sketch book.  He kind of cocked his head back very smoothly and licked his fingers to get to the page he wanted to use for his sketch.  This guy was just cool.  Just walking around the town, meeting new people, and doing what he loves.  I hope to get to that point someday.

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Fort Meigs

I’ve always wanted to go inside one of these.   Any readers know what these were used for?  Taken at Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, OH.

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Rick Finch - Hello Jordan,

That is a great picture of one of our blockhouses. The blockhouses at Fort Meigs were originally used in defense of the fort. The bottom level housed a cannon and crew while the upper level housed up to twenty men with muskets or rifles to fire at the attacking enemy.

Today, our blockhouses contain exhibits about the fort that cover among other topics, the construction of the fort, the two sieges that were fought at Fort Meigs, life at the fort, and one is set up as it would be in 1813.

The blockhouses are open Wednesday through Sunday and are avialable to tour with paid admission. We also have a 3,000 square foot museum with original artifacts and historical interpreters dressed as soldiers from the War of 1812. Visit for more information.

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