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Not sure where to begin.   Josh is one of my best friends.   I couldn’t really sum up why in a few paragraphs because there is so much depth in our friendship, it would take a novel… perhaps a whole volume.  Josh is definitely one of the most unique people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and calling a close friend.  The thing that stands out about him the most to me is that he is the same person I met 18 years ago in Junior High – yet, he can adapt quickly and instinctively to any type of person he is interacting with at any given time, and walk away being himself.  This is one of the things that makes him as lovable as he is amongst those that know him.  This is especially significant to me as I have changed so much since I was 12, so many different times, but Josh has remained the one constant throughout the whole thing.   He has been forgiving and tolerant of my ever changing personality, views, and ego.  He has been one of the most supportive people I have ever encountered.  He supports me in a way that I need to be supported… it is genuine and not born out of obligation.  He holds no expectations of me, and just appreciates me for who I am.

There is so much more to say, but for now, I will just focus on one area I appreciate him most.

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