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Mankato Depot and Sunset

Wow – I really haven’t touched this site since September!?  Time for a re-design.  I will be dropping SmugMug soon due to their outrageous fee’s, so if anyone has any suggestions of sites that are maybe commissioned based?

I was out with a friend and the sky started turning pink.  We parked under the bridge, and ran to our spots to make sure we captured this before the sun went down.


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An Introduction to Stars in South Dakota

Wow – it has been quite awhile since my last post.  My wife and I took a trip to Badlands National Park in Southwest – South Dakota.  I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time, and this particular weekend was a great opportunity as it was a new moon – and was below the horizon since around 3pm.  This is just about as dark as it gets here with light pollution rating only sitting around 1 or 2 from the nearby towns.  It was great being out in the middle of the park, in the middle of the night – but also extremely frightening when you know very little about survival.  I made a lot of great photos that night, but this one I have chosen as my social introduction into astrophotography.


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Just A Preview

I have been staring at this image nearly all day – just enjoying it.  Not tooting my own horn or anything – I really had very little to do with the way this turned out.  I’m not sure about you, but I tend to see flashes, or pictures, in my head of an ethereal scene such as this from time to time.  There is a certain nostalgic feeling I get when I picture them.  They make me feel a sense of peace just imagining them.  They make me smile, and give me a sense of peace.  It is not often I run into them in real life, but when I do I get sucked into them.  I know it sounds funny, but it is almost as if I am being given little flashes and previews of what the landscapes of Heaven will look like. They aren’t always mountainous with amazing sunrises and sunsets – but sometimes simple and calm like this.


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Portrait of Trees

Last week I was on a country drive on the way to a phtoshoot two hours from my home.  I love driving through the country – especially in the morning.  This paricular day, it was somewhat foggy which left a calm and peaceful feeling over everything. When the sun began to come through the clouds, it caught my attention and I came across this row of trees separating two property lines.  While I enjoy a good hike looking for new places for images, I most often find the best images just driving along and appreciating things.

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Sunrise – Minnesota River

I love taking this route in the morning on the way to work.  It is definitely the “long way” but there is always something to see.  This in particular was one of the best sunrises I have seen since being in Minnesota.  I have heard, and thought myself that sunrises and sunsets are somewhat cliche.  However, each one is so different – and this one – in particular – I was the only person who saw it from this perspective.  I know not everyone subscribes to a faith of any kind, but I can’t help but to let my mind wander and think of God when I see things like this.

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So a few days ago, news broke out across the world that (in a nutshell) some 18 year old girl named “Jordan Powers” dropped out of school and moved in with her teacher.  While I expected to get a ton of laughs from this, I only received two.  However, one thing I did not take into consideration was that this could potentially work on my behalf.
If you look at the image, my site did not generate a whole lot of traffic in the past – maybe 5 or less per day.  Here’s what happened when the news broke out:

  • I received 802 unique visits to my site (meaning people who had not been there before).
  • The following day – 1238 unique visitors!
  • The 3rd day, only 177.
  • This also generated 420 unique visitors to my personal photography blog, in turn generating 17 unique visits to my Smugmug account (which I use to sell prints of my personal work).

From all of this, however, I received zero emails, zero print sales, and zero subscriptions to my blogs.  On my Business blog – the average time spent on the site was only 17 seconds, and my personal blog was 30 seconds.

However – there were a handful of people who clicked through and spent a significant amount of time browsing my work – and clicking through and shopping on my smugmug.

A lot is to be learned in this experience.  I potentially “missed the bus”, but I learned a lot about how the news works, how marketing works, and also how much people are interested in information that is not directly relevant to their lives. Also, by the looks of the keyword searches – the teacher isn’t the only “pervert” interested in seeing this 18 year old girl naked.



So this wouldn’t be a good post without an image to go along with it.  Considering the content in this post, I figured it would be suiting to post an image of THIS Jordan Powers – just to make it clear 🙂

My wife took this photo of me when we were on a photo trip up north in 2010.  I love it because I did not know she was taking it and it gives me a chance to see what I “really” look like.   We are constantly posing for photos and even posing for ourselves in the mirror.

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